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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sweet and Lowdown

Aha! The sweet and lowdown, or should I say the down and sweaty?? Aside from the title being near my feelings of "Lowdown" there is, as I recall no correlation between this film and myself.

If you have been reading syd's blog you know I recently had a knocking blow to my ego when I was passed over for a manager position. (Side note: AT&T Retail Store Manager in Salem) All in all this is probably the best thing for me, as I often ask myself and Syd "Why do I work for this company?" So there I am down, alright lowdown. Ha! Put it into writing and seems like there is really nothing there to talk about. I wonder, is like me to write about being down? Is like me to discuss in such a public forum anything at all? So enough with the down... It was more of what (the lowdown) was and is going on anyhow. So I am working on making change and getting on with it. Is there really any better way to move on than just getting up brushing off and moving along?!?

On to the sweet or as I would rather say the sweat. I have been lying down (with aches and pains) over the past few hours. I went in today thinking I could tough it out but soon realized that was not going to happen. I say sweat because I recall the aches today felt much like the aches that were followed by waking in a puddle of sweat the last time. Although I hope to avoid such a recurrence by drinking my liquids and staying ahead of this one. There is sweat to be had though, and I hope to make some changes soon that will require some sweat. I will keep you all updated as things progress.


Jennyth said...


How's the sweaties? Hopefully you are much better. Sorry dude...for you not getting the big position. What do they know anyways, they suck!!

Keep the blogs rolling man, I enjoy the reading of them!

Mignon said...

You write very well.