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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Last Days

What is it about last days?

(by the way I'm healthy,
I may not look it but I am)
some crazy eyes there!

The last day of summer before school you try and do something really great, because most likely you did nothing all summer long.

The last day of school you want to have fun and say bye to all those friends you did not hang out with all year long.

The last days of life (not from experience) . . . you might just want to reflect upon all the things you did NOT do, hopefully all the great things you DID.

Well today is my last day . . . as mentioned above I am in good health not to worry . . . it's my last day at an old job. Eleven years in this wonderful and exciting industry. (laughs are welcome) I have enjoyed the days I had fun, mostly early on in the career. Funny when I started I thought "This is not what I want to do, I am not a 'Salesperson'" Looks like I managed to hang on for a bit longer than even I thought possible.

Well it has to come to an end. I know lots of applause out there ... Syd especially. For some time I have been saying I need to find something else and the time has come. As some of you know, the venture is homes . . . Marco Homes to be exact. (website and email to come) I do have a logo though want to see???

TADA! I think I only have about 8 or so hours in this creation. I am no logo expert but I think it turned out pretty good. All in all I am very satisfied with the work I do. Hmm that sounded funny, oh well. So maybe to answer the question of the picture above. I decided about a month and a half ago to not shave until I was done at AT&T/CINGULAR so as I looked in the mirror this morning before getting on the computer I thought to myself 'this is a month and half of facial growth?' kinda pathetic I suppose but I cannot make it grow any faster. 'I cannot get any taller, I cannot ...' sorry I trailed off there at the end you get the point. Well the facial hair might be no more, Syd would like me to shave, however I am going into a world where facial hair is acceptable. 'chuckle' I don't know what I will do. Maybe I should start fresh and shave from the neck up? I took the eyebrows once, I can do it again. (jen you remember)

Well the countdown is here . . . 7:48 a.m. . . . I work till 5:30ish, I shall make the most of it. I have my last days with my coworkers need to have good talks and laughs get it all in real quick you know.

Big words of small wisdom . . . Don't wait till your last day!



Jennyth said...

James!!! Wow, I didn't know you had grown up to be a real big man with all of that facial hair! I think it's a fine amount for a month and a half. Of course, you are no Terry Witham, but who is really?

So happy for you and your new job. You guys have an exciting future of changes coming, and I wish I was closer to partake. Enjoy your party tonight. Love to you and Syd. JenJen

Yeah and I do remember the eyebrows...man, that was a scary moment for me, I much prefer the big burley beard. lol.

Anonymous said...

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! this is such a big deal and i so admire you for going after what you want. what an inspiration you are! i love you and wish you all the best! -sis

Anonymous said...

WOW look at you! This is huge, Josh and I are so happy for you.
You are such a great guy with so many great talents and abilities. You deserve to enjoy your work and for your abilities to be used at their fullest!We are praying for you! Hip Hip Hurray!

Anonymous said...

Uncle James
you look kinda funny Uncle James. You crack me up! I love you and I am happy that you will work with grandpa. When I saw your picture I couldn't stop cracking up because you are not smiling. When are we going to see each other again? Love Zoe faith